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Brandie Taggart | The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Incredibly helpful

Thanks so much. You have been incredibly helpful every time I have reached out to you. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Cherman Pierre | Boston Treatment Center

Deepest appreciation

On behalf of my entire team, and Lotfi in particular, my deepest appreciation for all that you’ve done in making it possible for us to be awarded the cooler. 

The cooler has added a unique and most welcomed advantage to our Kitchen, when it comes to feeding out patients; the feedback from patients and staff alike, about the cooler, is unanimously favorable. 

For me personally, I’d say the biggest advantage is us being able to make products which require refrigeration, readily available to Patients- whether during meal time, or not (Patient do access the Kitchen, when meal time is not happening). Normally, such products would need to be stored in the master fridge, which is behind a locked door and access is limited to only kitchen staff. 

Again, thank you, Walgreens and everyone who played a role in this. 

Deena Benson | Dairy West

Always know I’m in the loop

Thank you, Alex! I appreciate your communications. I never have questions about where we stand with the equipment. You’re especially vigilant about communication. I always know I’m in the loop.

Joe Hayes | Dietz & Watson Inc.

Great communication all around

Very happy.  And on another note, thank you for keeping me in the loop during the process. Great communication all around.

Becky Low | Dairy West

You do service right

First, I have to say how much I have enjoyed working with you and Custom Innovation!  You do service right!! I will be retiring the end of April, but have so thoroughly enjoyed your work and service. I hope our paths will cross again. Thanks Alex and Steve.

Akiko Miyagi | Fort Lupton Middle School

We really appreciate it

Thank you so much for working with us on this cooler. We really appreciate it and we are excited for its arrival.